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About Bathtastic

Bathtastic walk in Bathtubs are great for active seniors, particularly the elderly and those suffering from arthritis, debilitating injury, handicap, and/or general loss of mobility, may have trouble Accessing the bathtub area due to the high step that is typically required to step into and out of the bathtub may be an insurmountable hurdle. Even with the assistance of a caregiver, many individuals may not be capable of safely stepping over the sidewall of a bathtub to take a bath or shower. Our revolutionary walk in tubs are the premium bathtub for a safer, healthier and more comfortable bathing experience.

Our mission is to provide the most honest and professional expertise in bathroom safety, to enable people of all abilities, protect their health, prevent falls, provide dignity and independent living while enjoying one of life’s most basic and simple pleasures. The pleasure of taking a bath or shower.

With Bathtastic walk in tub, every detail is carefully thought out during the installation to ensure snug, proper fits in almost any bathtub space, safely. Bathtastic offers bath accessibility product and services to provide easier accessibility to existing bathtub for a fraction of the cost compared to tearing-out the existing bathtub, including the Tub Door and Step.

The method of Installation is designed to add a water-tight sealable door to an existing bathtub. The process includes cutting and removing a section of the existing tub and custom fitting the resulting opening with the Tub Door. Also the Step retrofits the existing bathtub into a permanent walk-in shower that makes accessibility into the tub area easy.

Benefits of Bathtastic Product and services include:

  • Makes existing bathtub more accessible;
  • Provides bathtub retrofit options with or without a door;
  • Installed in just a few hours;
  • Reduces the possibility of falls;
  • Assists with rehabilitation and ability to stay at home longer;
  • Saves thousands compared to tearing out and removing the existing bathtub to install more costly renovation options, such as a walk-in shower or bath.